NexSlim Classic

Overview of the Program

The Help You Need to Change Your Life!

NexSlim’s physicians have years of experience heping people just like you lose DoctorImageweight – quickly – easily – safely!  Our physicians know that to be successful, weight loss programs must be designed specifically for each individual, based on their current health and weight, eating habits, personal tastes, and metabolic needs.  That is why every NexSlim Weight Loss program begins with a thorough physical examination by our medical staff.

Based on medical analysis of your tests and examination, the NexSlim team will prepare for you:

  • A personalized meal plan suited to your personal tastes
  • Nutritional guidance with our trained Counselors
  • Physician-recommended medications, injections, and/or supplements
  • Ongoing support and motivation from our trained counselers

Our State of the Art Body Composition Analyzer measures:InBody

  • Weight, Total Body Water
  • Lean Body Mass
  • Dry Lean Mass, Body Fat Mass
  • Skeletal Muscle Mass
  • BMI, Body Fat %
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  • Segmental Lean Mass



Phases of the Program

Phase 1 – Medical Assessment and Personalized Plan

Your NexSlim program begins with a comprehensive medical examination and assessment process so that the NexSlim team can custom design a weight loss program that will maximize the potential for your success.

The first step is the initial examination and resulting recommendations.  This process will include:

  • scale hug 200x150Comprehensive Blood Work
  • In-Body Body Composition Analysis
  • Personalized Activity Recommendation
  • A personalized meal plan prepared by our dietician
  • A plan for ongoing counseling, motivation and support
  • Lipotropic injection (MIC and B12) as recommended
  • Prescription medications as recommended
  • Supplements as recommended

Once you start the NexSlim program, you will visit the clinic weekly for check-ups and consultation so that your progress and health can be monitored. These visits will include:

  • bowl of fruit2Progress Report from the In-Body Body Composition Analysis
  • Monitoring of your Blood Pressure
  • Nutritional and activity consultation
  • Supplement replacements (as needed)
  • Lipotropic injection (MIC/B12) (as needed)
  • Prescription Renewals (as needed)
  • Counseling, motivation and support

You will continue to make weekly visits until you reach your goal weight. As a timeline estimate, the average patient will lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks; up to 60 lbs in 16 weeks. However, weight loss will vary with every individual.

Phase 2: Transition Phase

This phase of the NexSlim program will help you with the transition from the weight loss phase to the weight maintenance phase with a focused emphasis on increasing your metabolic rate through exercise and diet. This phase will normally take one month if you have lost up to 50 pounds and two months if you have lost more than 50 pounds.

  • tape measure waist 200x150Monitoring of weight and body mass index
  • Particular Focus on Lean Muscle Mass from In-Body Composition Analysis
  • Monitoring of blood pressure
  • Measuring your current metabolic rate
  • Consultation with the dietician and/or medical professional
  • Ongoing counseling, motivation and support
  • Lipotropic injection

Phase 3: Long Term Maintenance

This is the very important final step in your weight loss journey since most patients need continuous monitoring to maintain their weight loss. Most studies show that long term maintenance of a year or more greatly improves your chances of lifetime weight loss.

Visits move to every other week and will include:

  • LadyExerciseMonitoring of your weight and body mass index
  • Monitoring of your blood pressure
  • Measuring your current metabolic rate
  • Consultation with our counselors and/or medical professional
  • Ongoing counseling, motivation and support
  • Optional Lipotropic Injection